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Would you like to save all those videos you usually watch on Youtube and not to have to be online to watch them? Do you know a method but you want an easier one? NetVideoHunter is what you are searching for.

If you use Firefox, it's your lucky day, because NetVideoHunter is the perfect add-on for Firefox for those users who want to download videos from youtube, metacafe, veoh or any other video website. NetVideoHunter can extract the hidden URL of videos with just one click.

NetVideoHunter appears as a small button in the Firefox status bar, you'll also see a number, that number indicates the number of videos you can download from that website.

When you click that button you'll be able to view the identifiers of the detected videos and their links besides the controls to download ad play them.

Once you'll have downloaded the video, you'll be able to play it on the built-in media player.
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